The Ultimate Toast

The Ultimate Toast

 Posted  11 Jul 2022

Greetings Bold Recruit & Members,

It's time for the ultimate toast. You and your creativity is needed for this next quest.

As you are aware, the Gauntlet of the Guild has been chosen and is now with the industrial sector of Tenea to be crafted.

In our next quest, we want to showcase to the world the most innovative ways of making and drinking JUICD.

We will be rewarding all participants with a $10 giftcard as well as showcasing them on our stream and socials.

To participate, all you have to do is upload your video to the following form and any social platform with the hashtag #drinkjuicd and tagging @juicdenergy

We do have some rules for this quest to ensure it abides by our community guidelines. Public participation is encouraged for this quest, so be sure to get your friends and followers involved!

- The Keepers of the Spark

By Adam Clark