The "Ghost in the Machine" is British philosopher Gilbert Ryle's description of René Descartes' mind-body dualism, I am unsure how this inspires my content but I'm sure I'll work it out one day.

    I pride myself on being a true Variety content creator - From Game Shows, to Travel IRL live streams, to the latest in gaming I broadcast my life from every angle while also crafting a wholesome as heck community as I go.

    I am also obsessed with the technical side of Twitch as well, trying to squeeze every ounce of creativity I can from the platform reaching into my background in film and television to embrace the form of media known as the live stream.

    And sometimes things simply get scuffed, and when they do - the true chaos begins.

    Let's get wild!

Favourite Flavour

Razor Melon

    Totally Razor Melon! It reminds me of a place near and dear to my heart which is the neon flooded streets of Tokyo, Japan.

    Where this explosive flavour is commonly found in the marble-ramune bottles found all over the city. Before running into Razor Melon I struggled to find this flavour on Australian shores and now I have access to it anytime!

    Now I can indulge in one of my fave soda flavours, in a healthy form - and I can use it to power my day, and my content with sugar free energy!