What’s up homies! I’m a full-time streamer and content creator on Twitch. I’m not obsessed with corn. I just picked CamOnTheCob because it’s corny. I stream a variety of games, and our community is called the Wild Things. Our motto is “Be Wild, Break Free”. It’s all about being yourself and being unique, not conforming to society. The mascot of the stream is Mads, aka “the OG”, aka “the Legend”. He’s a cat, and sometimes he’ll make a live appearance on stream to devour treats and please the crowd.

    Outside of streaming, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Jess, chilling at the lake during summer, and boxing to stay fit. JUICD keeps me focused during my busy days and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team!

Favourite Flavour

Seismic Cola

    My favourite JUICD Energy flavour is Seismic Cola. The flavour gives me nostalgia, reminding me of the cola bottle cap candies I used to eat as a kid. It has a unique taste and stands out from the rest. The product keeps me energised and focused as I’m gaming or making scenes for my stream.