Gday guys!

    My name is Coltz & I’m a fulltime content creator from Queensland. I’ve worked in a few industries prior to landing in my dream career & throughout the journey have become a huge advocate for positivity, positive mental health & spreading the good vibes. I grew up as an athlete and still like to remain active and fit but I’m also a massive nerd and love my pop culture, fantasy series, MMO’s, novels and tabletop miniatures.

    I love a good RPG & MMO but spend most of my time jamming FPS & survival shooters after spending a few years in the competitive FPS scene and playing against some of our regions best.

    I genuinely just love art and being creative in all forms & to sum everything up, I’m just bloody happy to be here.

Favourite Flavour

Slash Berry

    I'm a big nostalgia guy & slash berry has that red frogs, red cordial nostalgic taste to it that not only is awesome to sip away at but has a familiar taste that reminds me of good times growing up!