G'day Mates! My name's Aussie Antics I'm a content creator who has somehow made his dream come true of getting to call this his job. I play a wide variety of games but mostly competitive shooters and Battle Royales. I've also been known to commentate a few Esports games here and there. Mostly known for being the best at watching other people play games.

    Representing JUICD a product I truly believe in that also shares my values of building a community and making awesome content just makes it even sweeter.

Favourite Flavour

Aussie Antics Sour Apple

    My favourite flavour of course has to be my own. To have my own flavour is something I'm incredibly proud of and to be able to be involved in the entire creation process makes it even more special.

    My flavour "Aussie Antics Apple" is a slightly sour apple flavour that while packing a punch is also incredibly nice if watered down and drank over a long stream like I always am.