Hi there, I’m Deej or King Kitten! I’m a sports variety Content Creator who dabbles in pretty much every sport you can think of. I started my content creation journey diving into the wide world of Wrestling, ever since I was a wee whippersnapper I have loved wrestling! Being able to share my love and passion with my community is an unreal feeling!

    If you got a slight hankering for some sporting based content - FIFA, NFL, Wrestling, MMA, Rugby or whatever, swing by and enjoy the vibe! With a primarily American based audience, you’ll catch me at weird times doing what I do best, entertaining and running my mouth!

    This passion for sports, big and small has taken me on a huge journey so far, achieving Twitch Partner status, signing exclusively to Facebook Gaming (for vod content) and meeting/interacting with several signed sports superstars!

    I’ve been with Juicd since the inception and I am super excited to be representing the brand that matches the vibe and aspirations of its creators!

Favourite Flavour

Seismic Cola

    Being around from the beginning, Cola won my heart! The throwback to the good ol’ taste of the Chupa Chups reminds me of all the great childhood memories, not to mention it hits the sweet tooth, but not an off-putting amount! Won’t start my day any other way!