My name is Brian, I am the co-founder of JUICD Energy. JUICD is my full-time passion, after success in other areas of life, we decided to do something that had meaning to us personally and in 2020 JUICD was created.

    I stream on the JuicdEnergy channel on twitch and love being the face and voice of the brand. I enjoy playing community games And just having a good time chatting with each and every member of our community. The ability to engage with you all helps us to ensure everyone is heard, and helps me and our team to continue to build this brand into something truly special.

    Thank you for being apart of this journey, I cannot wait to show you all the things we have in store for the future. From me and the team here at JUICD Energy, welcome to our page and thank you for bring apart of this epic community!

Favourite Flavour

Razor Melon

    In my unbiased opinion all the flavours are top quality. But my all time favourite has to be Razor Melon. It’s NIIIIIIIICEEEEE! XD

    In the lab, we don’t release a flavour until it gets the tick of approval from our whole team, and this one is one that will be hard to beat.