Fuelled by 80s and 90s Nostalgia, kgs of tofu daily and the chaotic urge to always create -leaves me in a daily spiral of fantasy based optimistic vibes that through imagination a path can be forged!

    A decade in the tattoo industry gave me the opportunity to meet so many spectacular humans, and taught me the grand lessons of hard work and dedication can help an artist be self sufficient and carve out a way in the creative world. After leaving tattooing to focus on all art fulltime, Ive found myself addicted to creating narratives with most the work I produce, a story to focus the art.

    I love working with my hands, power tools, carving, masking take, scalpel, spray paint, all sorts of items and mediums help make my imagination into reality.

Favourite Flavour

Grape Blast

    You cant go past it, memories of grape Hubba bubba and grape Fanta flood my sense. Where I grew up grape flavour was rare, but when you got your hands on it, you savoured that spice like it was liquid gold