Become a JUICD Guild Member

Become a JUICD Guild Member

 Posted  23 Dec 2021
The guild is an ancient order, originally brought together by the keepers of the spark to stop outliers from gaining too much power and challenging the natural order.

Zaghan’s army has spread to the outer realms of Tangalock, the peaceful people there need our help to protect them.

The king of the earth realm is sending reinforcements to hold the fold and you have been chosen.

The perks to being apart of the guild include:
  • 10% discount - with a link to share with your friends and family
  • Opportunity to earn!
  •  5% of every JUICD sale with your code will be credited to your account as a gift card for JUICD
  •  Access to exclusive guild recruit role in JUICD discord community
  • Access to guild only products and early releases
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Really excited to hear back and join such a wonderful guild!
Plus it does taste really damn good.


Be amazing to be a part of the team with a CODE Soxy for my Best mates to get some goodness :) :) :)


Be great to be part of an awesome fam bam!


I would LOVE to become part of the JUICD fam .. love your product and image! <3


Do you just provide sponsorship to Gamers or Do you also Help out Streaming Muso’s. Im sick of Spending big money on monster energy all the time.

Daniel (HeavyDandWhiskey)

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