Hey guys, my name is Annie_Antics and yes my name is actually Annie!

    I’m a variety content creator, mostly cooking up a storm in the kitchen as well as playing a range of games with my community. We love the chill vibes that cooking creates and we all share recipes, tips and tricks which helps me as well as inspires everyone to explore their kitchen a little more!

    Sometimes things don’t go quite to plan and you end up with a food abomination, mess and a whole lot of laughs!

    I’m also a gamer at heart, so I regularly hop on and play games with viewers such as phasmophobia, fall guys and fortnite. And you can never go wrong with skyrim!

    Food and games are definitely an international language that bring people together and there’s no doubt you’ll squeeze right in!

Favourite Flavour

Blue Spark

    I can’t go past Blue Spark! The flavour is just pure nostalgia hitting my tongue. It tastes like an icy pole (essentially a sprite iceblock) which I would always have on a hot Aussie summers day after playing with my friends, going to the beach or just at home in front of the playstation. The plus side? It gives me an epic hit of energy that not only keeps me going but makes me feel so much more focused and ready to tackle the day.