Yo, my name's asapjoey and I'm a full-time partnered streamer on Twitch! I'm a variety streamer whose main focus is creating an open and inviting community which is currently made up of people from all over the world. I've been streaming to almost 3 years now and have a large passion for entertaining and creating some amazing memories with my diverse community.

    We have created a safe haven which involves playing all kinds of different games and genres, Pokémon heavy content, discussions about anything and everything, and most of all just having a good time no matter what is on for the night. The family we have grown with over the years keeps me inspired and the willpower to connect with more, and JUICD has extended their family onto us which I'm extremely grateful for.

    I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of and represent a brand that I have seen from the ground up, while upholding the same ethics, values and goals I do as a person.

Favourite Flavour

Grape Blast

    It was quite hard to choose from, but my favorite flavor is Grape Blast. Purple being my favourite colour, I was instantly drawn to it. Tasting the flavor was quite satisfying and made me have nostalgic flashbacks. The more natural tasting grape reminded me of the confectionary Nerds.

    As a kid, I would go to the corner shop or the local supermarket to get these on a regular basis and it became one of my staples and go-to candies throughout my childhood years. Grape Blast actually made me purchase Nerds again recently and the taste between the two is uncanny.

    I've always been a fan of grape flavours whether it be drinks or any kind of flavouring and honestly, JUICD knocked it out of the park for something that keeps me alert and fully focused for every single stream.