The Quest to the Lost Lake

The Quest to the Lost Lake

 Posted  03 Nov 2022

Greetings Bold Recruit & Members,

In Tenea there is a story of a great mystic lake that holds the secret to unlimited hydration. Legend says that after the fall of the spark, the great Aliquin master of the water fragment lost her daughter. Devastated by her loss, she cried so much she filled an entire lake.

It is rumoured that a single drop from the lake has the ability to transform an entire desert, heal the sick, or hydrate an entire army of over 100 Senzas. 

After studying ancient maps and scrolls from the great Korsian library, we uncovered clues to its whereabouts. 

Determined this was a resource the guild needed, we sent Juicd on a mission to find the lost lake of Alaquin called Hydralaku and bring back a vial of its illusive liquid in preparation for the Great War ahead.

It has been months since Juicd has left on his quest and he still hasn’t returned. We call upon you, members of the Guild, to retrace Juicd’s steps and help him in his quest to bring back a vial from the mystic lake.

Juicd has left 5 clues on his travels, which all need to be obtained to find the lost lake of hydralaku and recover the elixir.

To complete this quest, teamwork is key. Make use of the #guild-quest channel in discord to share your findings and complete challenges together to find all the clues.

At the conclusion of the quest, the first 3 people to complete all clues and bring back some of this elusive liquid crucial for the war ahead will be honoured with an exclusive prize.

Ready to start your quest? The first clue is hiding right under your nose on Discord.

By Adam Clark