Wanted: Dead Or Alive

Wanted: Dead Or Alive

 Posted  28 Jul 2022

Greetings Bold Recruit & Members,

Your skills are required once more. Zaghan has furthered his desperate attempts in thwarting JUICD and our team of heroes by posting images of the group all across Tenea, and offering a large bounty for any of the members dead or alive. 

In an act of defiance, the local community has begun defacing these posters by colouring them in and sending them back to Zaghan, mocking his latest efforts.

Join us in colouring in a JUICD poster with your very own colours!

You can download this A4 poster using the button below or by visiting https://juicd.energy/poster.

Let’s see how creative we can be.. Digital, painted, coloured in. Use your imagination!

To post your completed artwork, you can share it in our #guildquest channel on discord!

This quest will be ending on the 30/06/22.

By Adam Clark