Hey Fam! I'm Peter AKA AsylumGC8 on the internets. Full time content creator on Twitch, where you can catch me, most of the time, being a pirate, and sometimes, other games when I need to freshen it up a bit. I started streaming to build communities, and I've done that pretty successfully!

    Outside of the online world I'm a husband, and father, who does ALL the Dad stuff. Golf, Pro Paintball, Skeet Shooting, scratch DJing, community radio announcer and finally, strongman training. Yes, There is NOT enough hours in the day. So you can see why being connected with JUICD benefits me so well.

Favourite Flavour

Seismic Cola

    I am VIBIN with Juicd Seismic Cola. The flavour hits so nicely, like old school cola! Good for lengthy sessions in front of the screen, and, it's taken over as my pre-workout for daily gym sessions, and being a diabetic, the 0.0g beside "sugar" is a nice bonus.