Yo folks, my name's AvatarLiger aka Liger and I'm a content creator on Twitch. As a Variety streamer, I play a range of games from traditional FPS to your classic platformers. Everyday that I hit 'Go Live', whether I'm trying to complete an adventure game, hit the highest rank in a competitive ladder, discuss anime, comics, movies, or just chat; the goal is to tell a story.

    I've been on this platform for 4 years, met so many folks from different communities, and enjoyed adapting to the many different elements of streaming, which have forged me into the content creator I am today. But I've always known what's most important, just have fun. I hope you'll join me on this journey. See you soon!

Favourite Flavour

Seismic Cola

    It's gotta be Seismic Cola c'mon mate! You know we Cola Crew all day, every day. Nostalgia, check! Sweetness, check! Energy, check! It does it all and honestly gives me an earth-shattering energy boost and damn right, pun intended. With a shaker of Seismic Cola, I'm legit energised all day, no worries about crashing at all. But I'll be honest... I might have a new favourite with what JUICD are dropping very soon.