Howdy gamers the names Redavision or Red for short. I'm a content creator on Twitch. I've been playing video games ever since I was 6 starting with small soldiers and moving onto bigger games like hitman, splintercell, Tenchu and metal gear solid (things I definitely shouldn't be playing as a wee little kid).

    I grew up heavily around internet culture so I'm into a lot of anime and manga, Beserk being my all time favourite. As a streamer my community and myself always keep it fun and full of banter as I try (mostly fail) at FPS games.

Favourite Flavour

Slash Berry

    My favourite flavour hands down is Slash berry NOT because its red but because its yummy AND it's red. It's the perfect level of sweetness without being too over bearing whilst not containing any sugar. I love having one everyday to get me through gym, work and streaming. It has defiantly elevated my mood, focus and power from day to day.