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  Increased Reaction Time
  Reduced IRL Lag
  Increased Energy
  Improved Focus

Product Information

More than Energy.

    Unleash the power of sour with Cherry Cannon. Each sip delivers a powerful punch of tart cherry delight, igniting your taste buds with a vibrant rush of invigorating flavor. Experience the blast of refreshingly sour cherry that will keep you coming back for more.
• $1.49 AUD per serving • 99% Sugar Free • Zero crash • 6 calories • 180mg caffeine
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Zero Sugar & Crash.

    JUICD Energy Formulation is the ultimate energy and focus formula designed for creators, gamers and esports athletes. Our well-balanced formula will allow you to crush the competition and perform at your highest potential.
    JUICD covers all aspects of Gameplay, by:
1. Increasing your energy 2. Elevating your mood 3. Providing Clean, long lasting focus 4. Enhancing your bodies nutrient delivery
    JUICD has ZERO CRASH With a tested ratio of fast to slow release stims that provide the perfect link between Adrenaline and Dopamine. This combined with nootropics helps to extend the effect of our product and make it stand out